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Marie Kress

Business Analyst

Your role at Comtrade


1. When did you join Comtrade and what is your current role?


I joined Comtrade’s Mobility and Travel team in 2016, which is the same team I’m working with now. My current role is Proxy Product Owner and Head of Research for the Voyego Mobility Lab.


2. What’s the best part about working at Comtrade?


Most definitely, a friendly company culture and the welcoming working environment. It’s just so much easier to collaborate with a team when everybody knows each other and nobody hesitates to lend a helping hand to a teammate.


Your experience at EDIT


1. Why did you apply for EDIT?


When I applied for EdIT, I was studying International Management in Germany. EdIT was a perfect opportunity to make the most out of my summer break, that is, to combine a summer getaway in beautiful Slovenia with useful and interesting project.


2. What was your experience at EDIT like? What project did you work on?


At EdIT, I’ve met a lot of fun and smart people, some of whom I closely work with in my team today. 😊 We were working on a Business Analyst project, where we envisioned a sustainable Mobility System for Ljubljana in 2050.


3. What is your favorite memory from EDIT?


We had some great team building activities, playing volleyball together with the participants from EDIT IT development group. We shared countless fun moments with the group throughout the whole EdIT program.


4. How did EDIT help prepare you for a career in IT?


I have a background in economics, so working in IT was completely out of my comfort zone in the beginning. EdIT gave me a great baseline for working with Agile Methodologies and showed me a structured approach for tackling IT projects, which then helped me to set foot in the world of IT.


Your future at Comtrade


1. How do you see your future at Comtrade?


I do look forward to the upcoming years of working on innovative mobility solutions together with my team, where we always question the status quo and think about the next big thing to come. It’s an exciting segment to work in, and Voyego is definitely a great team to be part of.


2. What would you like to accomplish in the future?


I’m currently in the course of finishing my MBA in collaboration with Comtrade, which is a major milestone for me. Otherwise, my vision is to further disrupt the old paradigms of mobility and travel in years to come.