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Another edition of renowned summer programming school, organized by Comtrade, has been concluded successfully. Take a look at how it all went!

After a whole week of having fun, learning new skills and working on the most interesting projects in international teams, another EDIT has come to an end. Students from the field of IT and similar disciplines from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Serbia have once again showed their wit, innovative thinking and creativity while solving tasks, which is why mentors and organizers both agreed that the future of IT in the region is looking bright!

All EDIT students have approached their tasks with complete focus, getting useful advices that will sure help them start their IT career in return. EDIT was focused on learning new professional skills, but also organized to provide students with a well-rounded experience, adding various workshops, gatherings and team buildings. In Serbia and Slovenia, these events were held live, while students from Bosnia and Herzegovina will be invited as soon as the epidemic-related restrictions relax.

This year, the winning team was led by mentor Adi Sarcevic, while its members were Amila Lakovic, Amer Djino, Adis Sehovic, Anze Gorjan Novak, Marija Markovic, Jelena Jeremic and Cvijetin Mlazenovic.

The committee who decided on the winning team was consisted of Marko Brkusanin, Senior Lead Engineer, Allan Duggan, Senior Architect from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Pero Hribersek, VP of Operation, CT360, who was behind this year’s EDIT topic: efficient monitoring of enterprise infrastructure.

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In order to experience the atmosphere, as well as to hear participants’ impressions, take a look at a video we’ve prepared!