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Yet another EDIT expedition was carried out. What a journey!

From supporting students’ further development in the field of data science and machine learning, inspiring them to master the business side of software development, to helping them use their tech knowledge to better the world, EDIT students had the opportunity to surround themselves with like-minded people and kick-start their IT career.

We’ve had an amazing time working together to create innovative IT solutions for real-life problems. The leitmotif of the program is the (now) established concept: “Build your future”, and working with our IT experts as mentors is one of the key benefits of the project.

#EDITworld20 was held in three countries: Serbia, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was available to international students, also.In light of global circumstances, this year’s EDIT was held online for the first time. Still, we’ve had a lot of participants – as many as 80 students at all locations!

The project is all about learning, growing and connecting with others – and this year wasn’t any different. Online #EDITworld20 helped its students connect, despite the fact that they were physically apart.

We’ve kept the best that EDIT has provided all these years this year as well, only in slightly changed conditions. The key to success was in clearly defining communication channels. We used Zoom, as a replacement for the virtual classroom, Slack, as a platform for team communication, Viber for informally connecting participants, and, of course, mail for official information. At the beginning of each day, participants had a group meeting with a mentor, and at the end of the day an organized Q&A session. Of course, EDIT can’t go without a good team building, so this year we hung out in a virtual escape room. This way of holding EDIT was a new experience for us, but we proved once again that our engineers, like all members of the organizing team, are very experienced, creative and capable of meeting any challenge.

We’re so proud of our EDIT students and all they’ve achieved this year!

They were focused and dedicated to boosting their CVs. Oh, and they didn’t forget to have fun and make friends.

To all our EDIT students: thank you for being a great company this year and once again – congratulations! You’re now one step closer to your ideal IT career.