EDIT 2016

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The 19th annual EDIT summer school of programing marked another successful two weeks where students had the opportunity to learn about technology, exchange ideas with their peers and put their knowledge to work –  all while having fun.

Themes by location:

Development of Multi-Level Solutions with Lego Robots – Maribor, Slovenia

The EDIT15 participants in Maribor developed a multi-platform solution for a web shop with a simulation of the robot system storage management using a Lego robot Mindstorms EV3. The solution is based on JaveEE platform and Angular JS web technologies. The students created a working system which enables the user to activate the robot through the app. The robot then physically takes the item from a temporary storage and delivers it to the order area.

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) – Ljubljana, Slovenia

The EDIT15 participants in Ljubljana presented a solution for increasing fleet utilization within a car sharing platform. The solution consists of tools for fleet visualization and analytics and is built on advanced technologies, including JavaScript, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Java, Node.js, D3, MEAN and REST protocol. The solution enables the users to increase fleet utilization, proximity optimization (decrease the distance walked) and improve predictive maintenance and support.

Sustainable Mobility for the city of Ljubljana – Ljubljana, Slovenia

The second EDIT15 team in Ljubljana consisted of international students from Germany. The team presented concepts for sustainable mobility for the city of Ljubljana that are based on the system of public transportation and shared vehicles (Mobility-as-a-Service concept). Students focused on two main problems that Ljubljana is facing – pollution and traffic jams. They presented solutions for how these problems can be minimized through MaaS.

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