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What a digital world!

 In 2016, Comtrade’s annual EDIT summer school celebrated its 20th anniversary, gathering more than 100 students across 7 different campuses. It was the first year that EDIT was organized in Dublin, Ireland.

The summer school took place between 11 to 22 July at the Tallaght Training center in Dublin. During two action-packed weeks, students were given the opportunity to work on real-work projects under the mentorship of experienced IT professionals. Furthermore, they were able to test their teamwork and leadership skills and prepare themselves for future careers in information technology.

EDIT is primarily intended for students who wish to supplement their academic knowledge with practical experience. The program is designed to give participants a deeper insight into the functionality of a company and extend their expertise in:

  • Managing projects using agile methods
  • Teamwork

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#EDIT16 Dublin, Ireland, July 11-22, 2016

 Booking Bot for Airlines

Airlines are investing substantial resources in embracing digital transformation and creating great products – but they’re not being utilized enough.

The integration of airline booking with third-party platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Skype and Slack has low interference with the booking flow, as there is an option to redirect customers to the airline’s website. As a result, airlines increase the number of channels through which they can attract new customers, while at the same time keeping full control of their booking flow.

Summer School goals 

 EDIT students were challenged to create an airline booking bot – an intelligent online robot that helps flight carriers make the most out of their products.

Under the mentorship of senior Comrades engineers, students have created an integration layer between Facebook Messenger and a simple airline API, which enables various search criteria such as dates, destinations and different interests or activities.


 Backend: NodeJS (TypeScript)

Frontend: dashboard / metrics: Angular2 (TypeScript)

 We wish to thank all EDIT 2016 students, teachers and mentors for taking part and making the summer school a success. We look forward to exploring new topics and welcoming even more young IT enthusiasts next year!

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