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What a digital world!

 In 2016, Comtrade’s annual EDIT summer school celebrated its 20th anniversary, gathering more than 100 students across 7 different campuses. The program is primarily intended for students who wish to supplement their academic knowledge with practical experience.

Participants are given a chance to work on real-world projects and get the taste of the IT business world. For students, EDIT is a unique opportunity to boost their IT, teamwork and leadership skills, while being at the center of disruptive technology innovation.

EDIT 2016 welcomed international participants in Ljubljana and Maribor, covering three different topics:

  • Crowdsourcing Platform for Bike Sharing
  • Next Generation Mobility Services (business analytics)
  • Digital Transformation in Air Travelling

We would like to thank all participating students, teachers and mentors for their contribution and support.

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#EDIT16 Ljubljana, July 11-22, 2016

Crowdsourcing Platform for Bike Sharing

 When combining the concepts of sustainability and smart mobility, shared bike services come up. Ljubljana already possesses a well-developed bike sharing system with a large group of users. Bikes can be picked up at one point and left at another in exchange for a small fee. This type of service reduces harmful effects on the environment and paves the way for the development of sustainable cities

This year’s Summer School was all about creating a platform for crowdsourcing operational tasks such as bike relocations between stations. Students were given the task of creating an engaging App with backend for crowd relocation of bikes using state-of-the-art technologies.

Domains: Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Predictive analytics, Big data

Technologies: HTML5, Angular JS, Node.js, MongoDB, REST, Hadoop, Spark

Environments: Cloud, Native mobile apps, Web


#EDIT16 Ljubljana (business analytics), July 18-29, 2016 

Next Generation Mobility Services

 The first generation of Mobility Services has already been created and spans car sharing, ride sharing, shuttle services, private drivers and public transportation. However, we are still far away from a smart, well deployed and integrated Mobility solution for the public transport.

 Our summer school examined the next generation of Mobility services. Students were encouraged to identify gaps in the current transportation and to come up with an integrated Mobility service approach. To achieve this, they were familiarized with emerging technologies such as Predictive analytics and Peer2Peer Business.


#EDIT16 Maribor, July 11-22, 2016

 Digital Transformation in Air Travelling

 Airlines need to leverage technology and digitalize their services to remain competitive. Targeted advertising is a central aspect of the digital transformation process. EDIT summer school challenged students to build a targeted module for a digital transformation platform, which includes:

  • Possibility for third party service providers (advertisers) to offer their products/services
  • User interface for both advertisers and employees who supervise the submission process of ads
  • A rule engine to select ads based on user interest and collected data

Domains: Digital transformation, dashboard, visualization, advertising

Technologies: HTML 5, Angular2, NodeJS, Typescript, SASS

Environment: Web

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