EDIT 2020

We share our IT knowledge with future professionals. It’s education for innovative thinkers. Do not miss our upcoming EDIT Summer School.

EDIT 2020

Due to the current pandemic situation, all activities of this year’s EDIT were held online.


Yet another EDIT expedition was carried out. What a journey!

EDIT is a leading Summer IT school in the South East Europe, created for students who want to strengthen their academic knowledge with practical experience.

The students who join EDIT get an opportunity to boost their IT skills by working on challenging real-world projects. They also get a chance to make meaningful connections and put their teamwork and leadership abilities to the test.

EDIT is not an ordinary Summer School. Here, the participants get to work on the latest technologies, but also learn about:

  • the newest IT trends
  • challenges facing IT professionals
  • teamwork and collaboration.

And there’s plenty of fun along the way!

EDIT is free of charge, but priceless!


#EDITworld20 Bosnia, 10–14 August 2020: Behind the App

Ever wondered about the business side of software development? Let us break it down for you: if you want a guaranteed success in your career as a developer, there’s more than busting out brilliant lines and lines of code.

Maybe you know almost everything about the technical part of the app development process, but do you know how to present it to the world after it’s finished? Do you know how to sell it? To make it profitable? No? Don’t’ worry! We’ve got you.

At this year’s EDIT summer school, you’ll get the opportunity to master this aspect of software development, too.

During this hackathon, students’ assignment will be to design three different web applications, with special focus on the project preparation part. What does this mean practically? Here’s a step-by-step plan:

• Discuss about the project;
• Create a detailed list of tasks needed to implement an app;
• Organize who works on which task and how much time they need;
• Create project plan in MS Project;
• Assign roles in the team – PM, Dev, QA;
• Assign paycheck per hour, for each team member;
• Calculate all the expenses of implementing the app; use Return on investment method to calculate when the app is going to be profitable.

So, buckle up! You’ll have an amazing company along the way: a team, engaged in a workshop, always ready to help. With the power of good teamwork in a simulated online work environment, enhanced by an interesting project to tackle, we promise that EDIT20 will be one to remember!

APPLY 2020

The applications for #EDITworld20 are now closed.
If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail at edit.ba@comtrade.com

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