We share our IT knowledge with future professionals. It’s education for innovative thinkers. Do not miss our upcoming EDIT 2021 Virtual Summer School.

EDIT 2021

EDIT is a leading Summer IT school in the South East Europe (SEE), created for students who want to strengthen their academic knowledge with practical experience.

This year, we are celebrating our 25th EDITion, as well as 30 years of Comtrade.

Comtrade, as the leading IT company in SEE, is the organizing force behind EDIT. Our dedicated experts will provide opportunities for hands-on learning, a stimulating environment and mentorship support and guidance to all EDIT participants.

The students who join EDIT get an opportunity to boost their IT skills by working on challenging, real-world IT projects. They also get a chance to make meaningful connections and put their teamwork and leadership abilities to the test.

EDIT is not an ordinary Summer School. Here, the participants get to work on the latest technologies, but also learn about:

  • the newest IT trends
  • challenges facing IT professionals
  • teamwork and collaboration.

And there’s plenty of fun along the way!

#EDIT2021 will be held virtually, with ONE topic for all participants, from THREE locations: Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Serbia and Slovenia

It is free of charge, but priceless!


#EDITworld21, 19th -23rd July 2021, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia:
Efficient monitoring in Enterprise environment

Modern-day IT heroes are proactive, alert and vigilant. Always ready to detect underlying issues, failures, or unexpected situations, save their company time and money and prevent any downtime that impacts users. if you can master these skills, there will be no shortage of employment opportunities for you!

This year, EDIT summer online school will avail you the opportunity to take control of your career and place yourself on the path to becoming a modern-day IT hero. At EDIT, you will get first-hand experience in what it’s like to manage an enterprise IT infrastructure. Using open-source software, you and your peers will be able to develop an awesome cloud solution for real time monitoring. But not only that – you will also be able to set the threshold and specify alerts for resources, monitor and graphically present the utilization of your systems, system resources, applications, and databases in real time, in a simple and user-friendly way. At EDIT, we guarantee that you will be able to do all of these yourself!

There’s more! You’ll have amazing company every step of the way: a team that is always ready to help and engage in a workshop. With the power of good teamwork in a simulated online work environment, enhanced by an interesting project to tackle, EDIT 2021 promises to be worth your while!

If this sounds like you and you’re interested in learning how to best utilize the tools and resources that allow you to effectively monitor complex infrastructures while using insights to identify what’s impacting systems and applications performance in an enterprise environment, don’t miss out on the chance to get invaluable hands-on experience that will be the crown jewel of your CV and place you at the top of every IT employer’s hiring list.

During this year’s edit, our applicants will be using open-source tools, with everything running in public cloud.


APPLY 2021

#EDIT2021 is open for the brightest and most talented students from final years of technical studies as well as master students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia.

The application process for EDIT 2021 is officially open. Apply for EDIT.

If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail:

Bosnia and Herzegovina – edit-ba@comtrade.com

Serbia – edit.srb@comtrade.com

Slovenia – edit.si@comtrade.com

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Celebrating 25 Years of Excellent ITmosphere

Since 1996, EDIT (Education for Innovative Thinkers) has been inspiring innovation and preparing future generations of IT leaders for success. Today, EDIT is the biggest and most sought-after IT summer school in the region, spanning across several locations.

Learn more about the history of EDIT.